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Wednesday, 07 November 2018 17:40

ASA-CO Members Learn To Implement, Maintain Their Sales Machines

Written by
Jason Servidio with the Transformers Institute Jason Servidio with the Transformers Institute


From Oct. 2--4, ASA-CO hosted a three-day educational seminar, “Implement and Maintain Your Sales Machine,” designed for service advisors at the Kenz & Leslie BG Training Center in Wheat Ridge, CO.


Although the seminar was intended for service advisors, this first session was only offered to shop owners to expose them to the material ahead of time and familiarize them with the approach. The seminar was taught by Jason Servidio, vice president of the Transformers Institute, who felt that the seminar went very well.


He noted, “This was a sales class that opened shop owners’ eyes to what they could expect from a top advisor and how training sales and customer service techniques, not just technical knowledge, could increase profitability. It also showed them how to manage the conversation the advisors are having with customers, not just the advisors’ numbers.


“The purpose was to show shop owners that they need to have an actual sales system in place designed to increase the odds of making a sale and assist their service advisors as well as to give shop owners the ability to offer solutions to their advisors after hearing bad phone calls or sales presentations. Many shop owners are not sales people at heart. They know when they hear something they don’t like from the advisors, but since they don’t always know a better way, they say nothing. This class gave them that better way and something specific they could instruct their advisors in.”


Although Servidio noticed some skepticism when his class first began, the attitude changed as the class continued and attendees became interested, engaged and involved. In fact, the response was so positive that several attendees have already enrolled their service advisors in the full sales class offered by the Transformers Institute.


One such attendee was Chris Shamis, co-owner of Dakota Ridge Auto, who plans to send two of his service advisors to Servidio’s class in the future.

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