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Monday, 15 January 2018 21:50

ASA-CO Members Learn to Take a Step Back

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On Jan. 8, ASA-CO hosted another course in its 2017--18 Professional Business Series, in partnership with the NAPA Elite BDG Council. 

“Successful Self-Managing Teams” was taught at the Kenz & Leslie BG Training Center in Wheat Ridge, CO, from 6--9:30 p.m. as attendees learned how to acquire better results with a self-managing team---important for shop owners who do not want to be an integral daily part of their businesses.

According to ASA-CO Executive Director Julie Massaro, “The event went well and exceeded our expectations. Attendees learned about creating self-managing teams by looking at what makes a good team develop and how you can get better results with your team. Participants really enjoyed the class and responded well. We offered this training in order to provide owners and managers the skills needed to develop their teams. ASA-CO wants to be where our members and the industry turn for this type of training because we recognize how important it is to grow these types of skills.”

ASA-CO will next provide training at its Annual Summit, scheduled for Jan. 27. For more information on the association, visit


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