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Friday, 12 January 2018 18:12

ASA-AZ Chapters Celebrate Holidays With Golfing Fun

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Networking is a huge part of any ASA-AZ event. Networking is a huge part of any ASA-AZ event.

Last December, ASA-AZ’s Tucson and Phoenix Chapters celebrated the holidays in a new and unique way with some golfing fun. 

According to ASA-AZ Coordinator Diana DeLeon, “We were very pleased with our turnout and the amount of fun everyone had. It was truly better than expected since it was new and unlike our usual events. Not many automotive people are known to be golfers, which we felt was a big part of the draw to our new event. Of course, we are not necessarily the best at hitting targets or driving the ball the longest distance, but we are definitely the best at having fun and making the most of our time together!”


The Phoenix chapter traveled to Top Golf in Scottsdale on Dec. 12, while the Tucson chapter met at Top Golf in Tucson on Dec. 21. 

“The Top Golf ASA-AZ Holiday Parties were great fun with golf, food, drinks and good company. These parties were for shop owners and their employees and families to come, relax and enjoy the holiday season together. As always, we can never get away from shop talk altogether as we take advantage of everyone being together and sharing stories, ideas and suggestions to help one another in their own businesses,” DeLeon shared.

The holiday celebrations were sponsored by Reliable Risk Management.

DeLeon feels these types of networking events are key to the association’s continued success. 

“When shop owners, both mechanical and collision, know they are not doing this on their own, it makes running their own business more rewarding and successful,” DeLeon said. “Monthly chapter meetings and roundtables where members can share questions and ask for ideas, help and suggestions for their individual shops is what they all look forward to. We are always looking to add new mechanical and collision repair shops to the Automotive Service Association of Arizona chapter. We are here to help shop owners in the success of their businesses.”

ASA-AZ is looking forward to providing valuable local training opportunities at its annual Training and Expo event, which will be held June 22 through 24, 2018 at the WeKoPa Conference Center and Casino in Scottsdale, AZ. 

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