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Thursday, 26 January 2012 21:14

Doing a Charity Build for Patriot Outreach on a Donated Mustang

Written by Rich Evans
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Alan Taylor from Motor Trend Radio called me last fall to say he had partnered up with eBay Motors to ‘personalize’ a 2012 5.0L Mustang donated by Galpin Ford, and auction it during SEMA 2011. He wanted to put a team together to take the car from “stock to extreme,” but still street legal. I was in.

They also wanted to do a video-for-the-web program about personalizing the car from start to finish.  The program is called modJOBS, and you can go to eBay Motors and  watch our 6–8 minute episodes at cc.ebay.com/ mod-jobs. It’s narrated by Alan and Dennis Pittsenbarger from Hot Rod Magazine Live. (I come in on episode #3, Sweet and Low.) So modJOBS makes it fun, everybody gets to team up and you get to follow along by watching the episodes of how to build a vehicle and how to add accessories and what’s available out there for these new vehicles.

Alan said the car would be auctioned on Ebay and the proceeds would go to a charity called Patriot Outreach (www.patriotoutreach.org) to contribute to treating PTSD. The ultimate team would include Vick Edelbrock, Jr.  (supercharged engine); Revo Reeves (interior), Ryan ‘Ryno’ Templeton (paint), and me (modified design and fabrication).

I love building cars and was happy to put time and effort to benefit the people that have served our country and are the real heroes. They go over and risk or sacrifice their lives to make better lives for us. Here was a chance to give something back.

So we started off with Galpin’s 2012 5.0L Mustang with the goal of putting some more personality behind it to represent the men and women that serve our country and provide some benefits when they get back from serving.

Basically we’re going to take this car and partner with a lot of people from the performance, the wheels, the braking, paint, parts, concept, and exhaust. So 2012 Mustang, basically bringing it over to get the performance handled by Edelbrock so what a better way to get the performance done. So they put a supercharger in this thing, which gives you another 100-150 horsepower to bring it up to 550-hp at the flywheel. I don’t want to give you all the inside scoop on it because I really want you guys to watch our modJOBS episodes and follow us along the build that way.

I reached out to a team of guys to help me so I didn’t have to carry the whole weight of this build. We got Ryno Templeton from Blast of Air, a lot of you guys will know him from my Allstar team on Car Warriors. I also reached out to Revo Reeves who owns Stitch Craft Interiors. Revo did the interior and the audio and Ryno did the airbrush art on the headliner and the paint. We did a logo for Patriot Outreach on the fiberglass headliner that I made. We don’t really want to get real loud with this car but we want to make it kind of subtle and cool. Everybody knows me, I’m always real loud, so I’ve got to tune it down and back a little bit, which you’ll see by watching the modJOBS videos.

With the interior we’re just going to do it real subtle but real cool. So with my design concept I came up with, I want to make the car look like it’s going 100mph and then I want to represent Patriot Outreach and design a really cool rim. I came up with a rim and for you guys to see it you’re going to have to go visit modJOBS and see the episode. I basically took a wheel with the Chevron stripes incorporated in it and it’s also got Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine and Navy representation on it to represent what these guys do in a nutshell. What a better way to give back and show our thanks than to really put some heart to it and that’s what I did in that wheel design. I’ve got Brian with Onward Coating cutting my wheels and I want to thank him for being able to get these wheels out on time. It came down to a pinch where we had to put these wheels on a plane and get them out here in time to make it for the big unveiling at 2011 SEMA. I wanted to incorporate its own stand alone grille, so I created a grille kit for it, and also a scoop. And from there we’re incorporating a racing stripe down the side, a graphic, and then Ryno’s going to do his thing with some stars and stripes. The process is really cool. It’s about people getting together. We called on Hurst Shifters. My buddy Nate over there sent over a shifter for the project and also reached out to Magna Flow. They also sent out some product for Bolt on and we were actually able to take it over to them and have them install it. There were a whole lot of other sponsors that came together on this, I’d really like you guys to tune into modJOBS, that’s the whole purpose behind this story. I can tell the story but being able to circle back and watch it, just go to Ebay Motors and click modJOBS and follow along. Another cool thing was that we got to interact with eBay customers and let them choose. I created three concepts with the help of Ryno and let them choose which concept and paint job to go with. If we do more of these we will probably incorporate wheels, body kits, and stuff like that and make it  a build your own car. It makes it unique when you’re interacting with the viewers and the customers in finding what they want. After creating all this and building this car, the journey was cool. Benchmark Productions are the people that produced everything. We did most of the build here at Huntington Beach Body Works, where we have Rich Evans Designs, my shop. MGP Caliper Covers provided some Rich Evans One Off Caliper Covers. To see them go to mpgcalipercovers.com and get your own covers that you can install within 20 minutes max. That’s an easy way to personalize your car. It’s very inexpensive and it looks really cool.

I need to thank my sponsors for everything they do: BF Goodrich always comes to play with a set of tires. G Force is what we used on this build. They have a new tire coming out as well so look for that it’s going to be really cool. I don’t want to spill the beans before I’m able to but BFG is really working hard and keeping you safe on the road. The guys that participated in this, Gil did a lot of work on the finishing part of it, the buffing and then we had to come in where we got some white compound on the plastic so I can’t forget to mention Solution Finish. All you body shop guys out there having problems catching that white spit off when you’re buffing the cars and it’s getting in the black and you’re using laquer thinner to clean it out and it turns it white. SolutionFinish.com, check it out. It will resolve your oxidation problem. Wipe it on, wipe it off, you’re good to go. No mistakes had and you don’t have to buy parts and this and that.

You can go to my website, huntingtonbeachbodywork.com and/or richevansdesigns.com, or go to Ebay Motors, huge site for used and new parts and the sale of cars. So check out my new parts, check out the new car, check out my new wheels. You don’t have to do a lot to change and personalize a car, and that’s proven by what we’ve got going on here with this project.

The biggest thing is I want everyone to check out is PatriotOutreach.org and if there’s anything you can do to bring awareness to that organization, do it. For every set of wheels I did for this project that are sold, a portion is going to that charity. I like to tie myself to projects where we’re not just thinking of ourselves. That’s what makes projects like this fun and it makes getting up in the morning feel great.

I’ve got some really cool stuff coming up for you guys next month. 2012 is going to be a good year and I’ve got a lot of good things going on. I’m fortunate enough to have projects that I can pick from and when you can bring the cool into building projects it makes life that much better, especially when you love what you do. I eat, breathe, live, sleep, what I do and I was fortunate enough to find it young and here I am. Hopefully you guys can keep it all positive and keep consistent and always try to better yourself at what you do. Peace out!

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