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Wednesday, 21 December 2011 14:10

Solution Finish’s Brings Black Back™ is a Breakthrough Product

Written by Rich Evans
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I’ve missed you guys the last couple of months because I’ve been really slammed with great projects and getting ready for SEMA, but I’m back with a lot of great news and some great projects.

I’ve been fascinated with a product from a company that I came across about six months ago called Solution Finish. They have a product called Brings Black BackTM that is in a class by itself. Just like I do with everything, I put it to the 6 month test. I’m so excited about this product that I’m putting my name to it (see ad). I’m not just endorsing this product, I’m part owner of the company and I’m glad to be a part of Solution Finish. This is going to go viral and be used to fix millions of cars from here on out.

If you’ve worked on cars for a while you’ve noticed that the black plastic or the black finish on your windshield wipers fade over time. This problem is due to the carbon in the plastic and carbon is what makes the color whether it’s black, brown, grey. There’s never really been a product that could really fix these problems. A lot of us just came to accept that there is nothing that can repair the problem. Eventually the sun and the wear and tear, the carbon is eventually going to fade. Now I know that there are silicones that you can wipe on to make the surface shiny and slimy, but it wipes off on your towel or rubs off on your clothes. It attracts dirt, and after one or two washes it comes off anyway. You can also slip if you get it on your running boards; it’s just a real temporary fix.

I ran across a guy named Chris West who invented Brings Black Back. You wipe it on, you wipe it off, and it restores the carbon and brings the black back. How cool is that? I’ve been testing it for the last 6 months on everything from stoves, to door handles, to wiper arms, to hitch covers, to inside bedliners. I’m trying to find a black finish that it doesn’t work on. It’s just amazing how far beyond the automotive world this product can extend to. I’ve found that the best results come  from washing the surface down with rubbing alcohol—it’s all about the prep. The product works with almost no prep, but to get the longest black back results, I’ve found dabbing just a little bit of product on with a sponge goes a long ways. A dime sized drop of this product will do almost a half a cowl panel. Wipe it on, buff it a little, and rub off the extra residue that didn’t bite into the plastic, and it really gives that deep black back. That’s the color that is out now but Solution Finish is just starting to get into other colors.

The product dries within two minutes. It doesn’t stick to paint or to windows so you don’t have to mask it. It’s almost like spraying without a paint gun. Nine out of ten cars you walk by need the product, whether it’s just wiper arms, belt moldings, front bumpers, grille panels, whatever. It’s amazing to find a product that can actually fix millions of car finishes out there and actually create thousands of jobs. I’ve been really working with body shops, to help them do upsells, and paintless dent removal guys. You can see a couple of Youtube videos at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYfiPfD02DU. Note how easy it is to apply the product and wipe off with a microfiber sponge.

The developer of this product Chris West says “Solution Finish was developed over the last six years using techniques unlike anybody has been using in the autocare industry. We didn’t follow any of the typical steps in developing a product. We reversed the process, we looked at how the surface, how the material is made and we tried to formulate a product that would not only enhance the general appearance, but something that would actually chemically place the color back into the plastic and how we did that was we developed a series of modified and penetrating oils with a very high grade of colored carbon and we milled that carbon 7 times which makes the actual colorant smaller than a virus. So if you can imagine the penetrating oils will pull the black carbon, the colorant, deep back into the plastic, then the modified oils lock it in and it chemically changes the chemistry of the surface itself. So over a 6 year period this has been developed and perfected, I brought in Rich Evans at the final stages of formulation because there’s little tricks that only a professional body and fender paint guy would know and that was the missing key to finalizing the product.”

Anybody that cares about their car will want or will need this product whether they apply it themselves or whether a body shop offers it as a service, or paintless dent remover guys offer it as a service, or any of the other guys out there doing interior repairs. It’s simple, easy, affordable, comes in 3 different sizes, a 1oz bottle is $29.95, a 12oz bottle is $125 and a 32oz bottle is $250. The one ounce bottle can repair up to 3 vehicles based on doing a Chevy Avalanche, which is 70% plastic finish. If you’ve seen one you know how much plastic avalanches have. Every avalanche I see is faded. Bring Black Back lasts as long as a new part. I took one Avalanche and priced out what it would cost to replace all the parts—over $10,000 with labor—never mind putting all those new parts back on. Those replacement parts are only going to last as long as the original new parts did  so in a year and a half you’re going to be doing it again. Take a look at my video demo at: youtube.com, search ‘Rich Evans Solution Finish Avalanche’ or ‘4nJDkORNges.’ Now a customer can buy, say, a 12oz bottle (you can do up to 36 complete vehicles with the 12oz bottle for $125) so if you’re the do-it-yourself guy or if you’re the shop out there that wants to offer this service, this is a new product you really need to check out.

A 32oz bottle will do up to 96 complete vehicles—who’s ever heard of coverage like that? I’m a body shop owner and I’ve been buying paint and product for a long time, to be able to do up to 96 cars for $250 worth of product. There’s no telling how many panels and parts you can do and how much money you can make—I guarantee a body shop on its slowest based profit would be 10 percent of what their income is. So if you can make a minumum of 10 percent in your sales increase and up to 30 to 40 percent, you have a customer. You’re going to look like a rockstar because you’re going to be able to fix something that this customer has not been able to fix and they’d just accepted that they can’t fix it. So what’s that going to do? That’s going to get the word of mouth going. People are going to talk about it, people are going to say ‘hey this body shop fixed this and I’ve never been able to fix this problem.’ I spent $30,000 for my car, I want my car to look as good as it can look for a long time. Solution Finish has brought that to you. We want to make people like you happy and proud to have your car back in the shape that it was when you purchased it, without spending thousands of dollars.

Let’s review the 10 basic steps of this:
1) quick and easy application.
2) long lasting results, lasts as long as a new part, second application may be required. So there’s no mill build or any of that, this is wipe-on wipe-off almost like shoe polish. Dries instantly.
3) no greasy residue. How cool is that?
4) No black streaks on towels after application.
5) long product shelf life. That’s cool, we’re hitting all the points.
6) wipes off protected paint, wipes off glass, or most application no masking required
7) doesn’t leave streaks on applied surfaces.
8) only a small amount is needed for each application, which is great for profitability.
9) lasts through heavy rain and normal washes.
10) the one I like the best—no silicone. How long does it last? Longer than a new part. If you own a vehicle, you need Solution Finish.

So here’s another great product. I’m sharing my processes, my steps and procedures in building cars, all the way to finding and discovering products out there that’re going to help us fix cars. I’ve fixed thousands of cars and with this product I’m going to be fixing many more cars, but even more important is to be creating thousands of jobs for people out there. There’s detailers, there’s paintless dent removal guys, and others who can get in business for themselves. If you’re in the business you want to offer this service. It’s $29 to get into business!

You’ve got to check this out: solutionfinish.com. Go and check out my Youtube, there’s testimonies that are going up as well. We’re putting this product into the major WD’s PBE warehouses, so if you’re a jobber and you’re wanting to buy go to PBE warehouse and order up some Solution Finish. Give it a shot yourself and offer it to your customers. If you just comp it, it’s going to get people talking. It’s going to get word back and raise money one way or the other, whether they bring cars back or referrals or talk about you. It’s all about the marketing part about it. At the end of the day, you can be confident that the product works great.

Buy yourself a bottle, go out and fix three vehicles. I have a suggested price guide to help you to learn how to charge for it. It’s an easy way to create more income and it’s an easy way to look like a rockstar to people by fixing problems that have been out there for so long that people have forgotten it’s a problem. I’m really stoked about it and I’m really happy that I ran into Chris.

I’m glad to be back on track, lots of cool projects coming up. Thanks again!

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