Thursday, 11 August 2022 15:11

On The Lighter Side: Divers Find Over 40 Cars Underwater In Tennessee

Written by Steven Symes, Motorious


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Talk about a huge haul!

For quite some time we’ve followed the YouTube channel Adventures with Purpose as the team has pulled all kinds of interesting cars from rivers and other bodies of water. Often, the aim of these events is to clean up waterways, which is a good cause, but occasionally the submerged cars yield something more sinister, like a dead body. And while some of the areas the team has visited contained several cars, their trip to the Nashville, Tennessee area is the highest yield we’ve seen yet at over 40 cars pulled from the water.


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That’s an insane number of vehicles to even find underwater and pulling them all out is a monumental effort. As you might imagine, they didn’t do all that work by themselves. Adventures with Purpose is a small outfit and they always get the help of local vehicle recovery companies, but this time it was different. City officials offered their resources in the effort, showing that the influence of this YouTube channel has grown significantly.

The group held a livestream event on YouTube to show off all the vehicles they pulled out of the water in Tennessee. They were all sitting in a nice row under a cover, almost like the remnants of a crashed plane collected and sorted in a hanger. Among the cars recovered was Jeep YJ, probably one of the most collectable and desirable of the bunch.


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Some people might still be excited by other cars found underwater, but even in excellent shape and not rusty, water-damaged, and with parts missing they’d still fetch incredibly little on the market. Among them is the regrettable final-generation Pontiac LeMans, which was just a badge-engineered Daewoo. There’s also a ninth-gen Ford Thunderbird and...

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