Wednesday, 30 March 2022 15:50

On The Lighter Side: 1931 Ford Model A Roadster Spinning Tires With The Same Family For 67 Years

Written by John Puckett, Motorious


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This incredible hotrod has been kept alive for close to seven decades by the same family and now its in search of a new owner.

The 1930s were a fantastic time for designing and building the quality of American-made automobiles, especially within the performance car genre. With rolling fenders, crazy color schemes, and the growing popularity of Ford's V8, these cars were the perfect building blocks for a new kind of car.


31ford2 600px


This new subculture of the car community would be called the hotrodders of America and the precursor to the muscle car movement. So when the day comes that you get to lay eyes on one of these powerful roadsters and coupes, understand that what you are looking at is not just some old car from a time before modern performance technology. Instead, it is a piece of history that led to the insane muscle and pony cars we have today; this is one of the last true American art forms.


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This particular car is a stunning example of a Ford production car turned hot rod as it boasts those same incredible colors, thick tires, and, of course, a massive V8 engine under the hood. However, this engine is not one produced by Ford.


Instead, it is an Oldsmobile powerhouse that puts out far more power than the original with the added benefit of reliability, something Ford has never been known for. This thing utilizes...

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