Thursday, 06 January 2022 15:25

On The Lighter Side: US Marine Gifted Lost Corvette

Written by Steven Symes, Motorious

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There are many ways to show we appreciate military veterans and the sacrifices they’ve made to secure our national freedoms.

However, we think giving them Corvettes is one of the better ideas out there. That’s what Chris Ryan, a soon-to-be veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps was surprised with when he attended the Los Angeles Auto Show recently.

Now, some would say it would’ve been great had Ryan been gifted a C8 Corvette instead of the 1984 he received. Sure, that would’ve been really cool and maybe worth more monetarily, but something tells us he doesn’t care that much. After all, the guy was just at the car show to check out the different rides and he left as the owner of one of them.

But there’s more: the 1984 Chevrolet Corvette Ryan now owns is one of the famous Lost Corvettes. Having worked with charitable organization Stand for the Troops to receive training in sustainable farming, Ryan was recommended by that organization to Dream Car Restorations in New York for the giveaway.

The C4 has been fully restored and wears a nice white over bronze, a combination many will love. Since it’s one of the Lost Corvettes, that could affect its collectability and value, especially if the story is remembered as time passes on.

If you don’t remember, the Lost Corvettes were 36 of the American sports cars which were given away to a person in a contest put on by cable music channel VH1 back in 1989.


The winner received one car for each model year of the Corvette in existence at the time. Pop artist Peter Max of New York City purchased the whole lot and supposedly had plans to use them in some interesting art installation piece. However, the man seemingly did nothing with the cars, and so they sat uncared for all the way until recently.


A group of enthusiasts purchased the Corvettes and had them restored, then started a giveaway campaign so they would go to loving homes while also raising money for Stand for the Troops.


So far, 28 Corvettes have been given away, including this ’84.


We thank Motorious for the reprint permission