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On The Lighter Side: 2021 - Weirdest Stories of the Year

Written by Elizabeth Puckett, Motorious


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It's been a strange 12 months.

Most of us sane people were really rooting for 2021 to be different than 2020, or the year of hell on Earth, and it hasn't exactly shook out that way. Looking back on the year, it's like a bad sequel to a B movie. Keeping in theme with this strange year, we've written about some bizarre happenings, here's a taste.

13 Year Old Boy Solves 27 Year Old Mystery


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Deep in the murky water, barely visible even in the GoPro video was the underside of a car, a Honda from the 1980s to be precise. It had been sitting there undiscovered since 1992. The boy and his parents called the police, who sent a dive team down to check out the car a few days later. To their shock, there was a body inside. Read the full story here.

Dominic Cooper Can't Stop Having His Cars Stolen


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Dominic Cooper, who’s starred in the TV series Preacher and been in films we’ll never watch like Mamma Mia has been targeted by car thieves in the past year. The actor, who lives in London, says he’s had 5 high-end cars stolen from outside his home in the last 12 months, so in other words about once every 2-plus months. The fact he keeps parking cars outside his house, only to find them gone in the morning sure does call a lot into question. Read the full story here.

Mechanic Keeps Classic Car For Six Years


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Our story begins with a 1966 HR Holden. This viscous vehicle was commissioned to be restored to its former glory by a local Australian mechanic, Mark Rasmussen. The original agreement involved Geoff Kelly paying the amount of $10,000. $7000 of which was paid via...

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