Wednesday, 24 November 2021 19:11

On The Lighter Side: Chip Foose Slams Ford Maverick, Gives Truck Street Rod Makeover

Written by Anthony Alaniz, Motor1.com


...that’s found on the stock truck. Foose said he’d like to make the lower fascia functional, too, cooling the brakes or feeding air to another component.


Foose forwent designing new wheels, instead opting for them to indicate speed, with a small lip spoiler at the rear assisting in the aesthetic upgrade. However, the wheels and tires are larger than stock, helping fill out the wheel wells.


Foose finishes the slammed Maverick in a Shelby-like white-and-blue color scheme, though Ford has used the color combination on its own concepts. He even adds a small FORD graphic on the lower door.


It’s always fascinating to watch Foose start with a simple sketch before adding and adding layers of lines to create something familiar and new, with a splash of color completing the project.


With the Maverick now on sale, we’re likely to see customers and companies find ways to customize it with new suspension setups, body kits, and maybe even a few functional bits, too.



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