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On The Lighter Side: Chris Pratt’s Car Collection Is Fairly Basic

Written by Steven Symes, Motorious


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And that’s not surprising at all…

It’s hard to not love Chris Pratt. Despite all the fame he’s attained in the past several years or so, he comes across as a genuinely nice, decent guy with his feet squarely on the ground. Unlike certain other celebrities, he’s not overly flashy but we’re sure he has the means to be obnoxiously so if he truly wanted. That makes figuring out what kinds of cool rides he has sitting in his garage all the more difficult since the man isn’t exactly bragging about them on all his social media accounts.


1965 Volkswagen Beetle


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Perhaps the most famous car in Chris Pratt’s garage is his ’65 VW Beetle. According to the actor, he won the car in a game of blackjack, but it was a complete clunker. Still, that makes for quite the story. Over the span of 12 years he fixed up and customized the little German, using tutorials on YouTube for help. Yes, the man did a lot of the work himself, a thing which reinforces that he’s not just some aloof Hollywood celebrity who’s afraid to get his hands dirty.

Triumph Scrambler


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Even if you haven’t seen Jurassic World, there’s no doubt you saw ads with Chris Pratt riding a Triumph Scrambler. His character uses the bike to “run” with the velociraptors he had trained like a pack of dogs, so the motorcycle...

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