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On The Lighter Side: Motorious Stories Of Fire And Water

Written by Elizabeth Puckett, Motorious


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These elements are not kind on collector cars!

In an ideal world, any car enthusiast would hope for perfect driving conditions with sunny skies, dry, optimal visibility, and so on, but most cars can handle a little heat, maybe a downpour or two... However, when the conditions become extreme, your beloved car tends to hold up very well. Here are some of the craziest stories of what happens when cars meet the extreme element of fire and water.

Seattle Fire Burns Classic Cars


Seattle Fire Burns Classic Cars 2 600px


A two-alarm fire broke out in Seattle, Washington on April 21, consuming a storage unit facility with multiple classic cars stored inside. After the fire broke out around noon, it took responding firefighters hours to get the blaze under control. While nobody was hurt, it looks like the classic cars stored inside, which were all owned by one man, might be a total loss.

The unnamed elderly man who owns the collection was captured on a local news crew’s footage looking like his whole world was falling apart. Undoubtedly, the cars were beloved to him and he likely had considerable sentimental value loaded into each one. Even if they were all insured and he receives a considerable payout from the blaze, that won’t even begin to make up for the loss.


Tropical Storm Beta Has Cost Some Texans Their Dream Cars


Screen Shot 2020 09 28 at 10.03.47 AM 600px

While it appears that some Houston residence trying to drive through the storm have hopefully survived the floods, it seems that many of them did so at the expense of what were some very nice vehicles.


Live Storms Media surveyed the Houston area with a drone shortly after parts of the city received a massive 10-inches or more of rain. Among the vehicles that fell victim to flash flooding are...

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