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On The Lighter Side: Police Use A Drone To Locate Stolen Classic Cars

Written by Steven Symes, Motorious


Way to leverage modern technology!

Classic car theft has become far too common these days, leaving many owners feeling distraught upon finding their beloved vehicles have been stolen. However, law enforcement is fighting back with modern technology, like how the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office in Oklahoma used a drone to confirm several stolen classic cars were hidden on a property. This is a superb way to bring car thieves to justice, so they hopefully get exactly what they deserve.


The investigation started when the Pawnee County Sheriff’s Office had “developed” information about several classic cars which were stolen from that county being located on a property in Tulsa County. That’s when deputies got to work, deploying a drone to check out the suspect’s house and the land around it from the air. Using that drone, they could see several vehicles covered with tarps.


Police Use A Drone To Locate Stolen Classic Cars 4


While it wasn’t clear if the cars under the tarps were stolen or not, as the drone was performing the surveillance, 50-year-old Steven Kitchens fired a gun at it. There’s nothing quite like acting suspicious when law enforcement is checking you out.


Deputies returned with a search warrant...

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