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On The Lighter Side: Nicolas Cage’s Car Collection Is A National Treasure

Written by Steven Symes, Motorious


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Nicolas Cage used to have an extensive car collection.

Well, the man still has a pretty good one, but he had to sell off several cars to dig out of a $6.3 million debt to the IRS. Still, there’s no doubt Cage loves his cars and has exceptional taste, especially for the exotic Italians. Check out the rides this once red-hot actor has put in his garage.


Lamborghini Diablo VT


Nicolas Cage s Car Collection Is A National Treasure 7


With Cage’s career in top gear during the 1990s with such smash hits as Con Air and Face/Off, the man had to grab one of the most desirable supercars from the decade, a LamborghiniDiablo VT. With a howling V12 and over 500-hp on tap, these truly earned their name, which means “devil” in Spanish.

Lamborghini Miura SVJ


Nicolas Cage s Car Collection Is A National Treasure 8


Cage is obviously a fan of Lamborghinis, which is why the man owns a Miuraas well. This was the first car...

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