Thursday, 13 May 2021 22:56

On The Lighter Side: Top 10 Weirdest Car Fads You Won’t Believe

Written by Aaron Widmar, The News Wheel


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Over the past century, the automotive industry developed rapidly, due majorly to the influence of unorthodox thinkers and creative minds.

A lot of new ground has been broken when it comes to automotive transportation over those years. With such cutting-edge innovation comes a trail of bizarre inventions and fads. It’s baffling what people will do to their vehicles because it seems “progressive” or “stylish” at the time.

Here is our list of the 10 strangest trends that we’ve seen on cars.


Purposeful rust


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Most people prefer to keep their car washed, waxed, and pristine. A few car owners, though, prefer the exact opposite: having their car look like it’s been rotting for decades.

While it makes sense to see purposeful rust on grotesque rat rod modifications, it doesn’t make any sense why some car owners intentionally destroy or spray fake rust on their perfectly good daily drivers.




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A fashion trend that lasted far longer than it should have, wood-paneled vehicles should’ve been retired by the 1950s when steel became much more affordable. But, thanks to its association with luxury...

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