Thursday, 11 February 2021 17:36

On The Lighter Side: Hyundai Unveils Autonomous Four-Legged Walking Car

Written by Chris Young, Interesting Engineering


...a four-legged walking car, allowing it to traverse uneven terrain that would be inaccessible to a normal vehicle.

Unlike Elevate, the Tiger is an uncrewed, autonomous vehicle designed to carry payloads, such as emergency aid packages, over harshest terrains without human intervention.


tiger concept forest resize md

The Tiger X-1's leg-wheel articulation keeps the vehicle's payload level. Source: Hyundai

Including Tiger's wheel motors, there are a total of 28 motors and 28 position sensors between the X-1's four legs.

As a Hyundai press release explains, "leg-wheel articulation enables TIGER to tackle a range of extreme situations while keeping payloads more level than a typical ground vehicle."


tiger concept cave resize md

28 position sensors are included in Tiger X-1's legs for precise placement. Source: Hyundai


This means that when the vehicle is traveling over even terrain it uses its wheels in the typical fashion; however, if the terrain becomes uneven, or an obstacle gets in the way, the vehicle's legs extend allowing it to perform a combination of walking and driving, as the wheels are still the vehicle's point of contact with the ground.

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To round off Hyundai's impressive futuristic vision, Tiger X-1 is transportable by UAV, which allows...

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