Thursday, 11 February 2021 17:36

On The Lighter Side: Hyundai Unveils Autonomous Four-Legged Walking Car

Written by Chris Young, Interesting Engineering


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Transportable by UAV, the Tiger X-1 concept can travel through jungles, caves, and even space terrain.

 Hyundai's crazy Elevate walking car concept, unveiled in 2019, may be more than just a publicity stunt after all.

With the unveiling of Hyundai's Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot Experiment, Tiger X-1 for short, it seems the Korean automaker is making serious efforts to bring the four-legged car concept to market, CNET writes.

A variation on the 2019 model, Tiger X-1 is transportable by UAV and can traverse the harshest terrains --- including the surface of the Moon.


tiger 0 resize md

Hyundai's Tiger X-1 is envisioned as an uncrewed explorer of the harshest terrains. Source: Hyundai


In December of last year, Hyundai bought a $1.1 billion majority stake in Boston Dynamics, showcasing its belief that robotics will play a large role in the future of mobility.

Unveiled on Tuesday, Feb. 10, The Tiger concept was devised before the Boston Dynamics acquisition.

Four-legged walking vehicle for harsh environments

Much like the Elevate concept, the Tiger X-1 transforms from an electric four-wheel drive into...

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