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On The Lighter Side: Samsung's Digital Cockpit Turns Cars into Offices, Gaming Hubs, or Concert Halls

Written by Fabienne Lang, Interesting Engineering


...as a controller for entertainment, adjusting volume and navigating the menu, as well as displaying the horn touch button and other driver-related necessities.


screens resize md

The driver has an exclusive touchscreen (left). Source: Samsung


On top of this, 5G technology will be one of the Digital Cockpit's main strengths. It'll enhance the users' experience as they'll be able to use these features without facing any interruptions.


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The system alerts the driver to outdoors movement. Source: Samsung

The system includes a health service that monitors the passengers' health before and during the ride. Stress levels are regularly analyzed throughout the ride, and will automatically adjust the car's lighting, scent, or music in order to promote a relaxed state of mind. It also helps keep drivers alert and awake by keeping a close eye on the movement of their eyelids and sleep patterns.


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The back seat passengers can control the touchscreen monitors in the middle. Source: Samsung


As automakers move towards technology for driverless cars, Samsung's Digital Cockpit is one option to fill the passengers' time while they move.

Take a look at the technology below:

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