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On The Lighter Side: Red Rod Rides Again

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A friend of Goetz, more inclined to mechanical work, made the chassis and brake system road-worthy while Goetz, more adept at body work, secured repair panels and made the body whole again. Oddly, the doors had been welded shut. But when Goetz broke the welds, the doors opened beautifully. (Goetz surmised that the doors may have been welded to make the body more rigid and thus make it corner better.)


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The missing drive train was supplanted with a 350 Chevy engine, and drive train. The chassis and body was restored to its original red, this time with PPG / Omni acrylic enamel paint in Nissan Red Line red.


Red Rod finished 6


Thanks to a photo in the 1953 magazine showing the original license plate, Goetz was able to find a company that made specialty and replica license plates and have the original plate replicated. Because the original frame numbers could be found, and thanks once again to the photos in the 1953 magazine showing the original registration plates, Goetz was able to legally register the car in Ohio… although he usually sports the replica plates.


Red Rod finished 5 


The Red Rod’s racing days are over. Today Goetz likes to take it to car shows and the occasional “cruise-in” which he hopes will resume after the COVID 19 pandemic subsides. Goetz notes, “People sometimes ask me how fast the car will go. I say I’m not sure. I’m more concerned about how fast it can stop. This car still has drum brakes on all four wheels so you really have to think ahead about where and when you want to stop.”

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