Thursday, 01 October 2020 11:11

On The Lighter Side: What The Fabricated? Worst DIY Car Modifications

Written by Elizabeth Puckett, Motorious


Since the first cars were sold, mankind has gotten the idea that we can improve this, beyond the factory options, and sometimes that's true.

However, there are instances where this idea goes horribly wrong. Just when I thought an over abundance of zip ties, JB Weld, and duct tape holding a car together was bad, these cars popped up on my radar. Whether these people were trying to cheap out on parts, or they truly thought they could modify their cars better, beyond what factory and aftermarket parts are out there, these mods will make you go 'What The Fabricated?'


Improvised Trailer Hitch

Trailer hitch


It's hard to tell what kind of car this is, possibly some kind of crossover, judging by the ground clearance. There sure is a lot of scratches on the rear bumper, which makes us wonder what this person is out there doing with this wood-based trailer hitch, with ball (somehow) affixed to the tree-sourced tow rig. Whatever you do, do not ride behind this guy while he's got something hooked up to tow!

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