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Thursday, 04 June 2020 18:50

On the Lighter Side: Watch NASA Astronauts Take Tesla Model X To Launch Pad For Manned SpaceX Flight

Written by Eric Loveday

Taking an electric ride before the big ride.

Astronauts Bob and Doug hitch a ride to their rocket aboard a Tesla Model X. This SpaceX manned flight marks a major milestone in U.S. history.


Millions watched as NASA astronauts got into a Tesla Model X for the short trip to the rocket headed to the Space Station and for some of those viewers, this was likely the first time they've seen a Tesla.


It's a clever piece of marketing for sure, but with Elon Musk being the man behind both Tesla and SpaceX, using a Tesla electric car for the journey to the rocket was the only choice.


If you watched the launch yesterday, then you're aware that so far it's been a success.


The rocket is now in outer space and is tracking down the Space Station.


For the U.S., this is the first manned spaceflight in almost a decade, so it's an important piece in spaceflight history and both SpaceX and Tesla are front and center.

According to Musk, he's most concerned with re-entry, which has always been a bit more difficult to get just right than exiting Earth's atmosphere.


Re-entry is likely weeks aways though, as NASA astronauts Bob and Doug are expected to be docked to the Space Station for up to three months before returning to Earth.


We thank InsideEVs for reprint permission.