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Friday, 22 November 2019 17:51

On the Lighter Side: Only Five 1931 Duesenberg Model J’s Exist and One is for Sale

Written by Stefan Andrews, The Vintage News
On the Lighter Side: Only Five 1931 Duesenberg Model J’s Exist and One is for Sale Worldwide Auctioneers


Who doesn’t fancy a nice car?

The vintage racing models. The exquisite-looking old models that saw their heyday in the previous century.


There will be quite a few to choose from at the Aug. 23 annual Pacific Grove Auction. The international auction takes place at California’s Monterey Peninsula and is an initiative of Worldwide Auctioneers.


For now, if there is but one model that stands out from the rest: It’s a fit for a member of royalty car, the 1931 Duesenberg Model J Derham Sports Convertible Sedan.


The first Duesenberg Model J was out there as early as 1928 when the Great Depression was just around the corner. Though the original objective of the manufacturer was to sell 500 vehicles a year, such plans fell short. Still, models of the car, which signaled high status for the owners, kept selling until 1937.


Duesenberg persistently pushed their designs to compete with the most luxurious competitors on the other side of the Atlantic, such as Hispano-Suiza or Mercedez-Benz.


The model J’s engine was an upgrade of the company’s outstanding racing engines that appeared throughout the 1920s. Those racing engines were fantastic as they hit speeds of 94 mph just in second gear, and 119 mph at maximum.


While other cars exploited bigger engines, none managed to surpass the power of the Duesenberg ones. At least for a while.


Then there was the production of the car’s chassis, which at one point in the 1930s cost around $9,500 according to one source, which was, of course, a lot of money for the time.


The opulent-looking model that is now set for the August exhibition is as good as new. It preserves its original parts, including the engine and chassis.


“Here is a thrilling opportunity to acquire one of the finest and rarest surviving Model J’s in existence,” according to a statement from Principal and Chief Auctioneer Rod Egan.


The car is exceptionally rare. Besides the model offered at the forthcoming auction, there are only four more left of the 1931 Duesenberg Model J Derham Sport Convertible Sedan around the world.

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