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Monday, 30 September 2019 16:36

On the Lighter Side: Here Are All the Best Life-Size Lego Vehicles Ever Made

Written by Staff,
On the Lighter Side: Here Are All the Best Life-Size Lego Vehicles Ever Made


Some ambitious groups and even automakers have recently stepped into the Lego world with fabulous full-scale replicas of real-life cars, one of which can even be driven.


Building a full-size Lego car that actually looks like the real deal is by no means easy – it requires considerable planning and design work, never mind the thousands of hours for assembly.


Honda Civic Type-R


life size honda civic type r lego


The design of this hot hatchback Honda Civic made it difficult to get the details right, but after 320,000 pieces and 1,300 hours of design and assembly, the Civic came together in glorious fashion.


McLaren Senna


mclaren senna fullsize lego


If the Civic’s curves and flamboyant aero components were merely challenging, capturing the Senna’s sexy hypercar shape using rectangular bricks is downright monumental. It’s wired up with functional headlights and a sound system that plays a recording of the road car’s twin-turbo V8 when pushing the start button. It took nearly half a million bricks and almost 5,000 hours to build, and you can see it at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed.


VW Type 2 Transporter




This Lego build was designed and built not by an automaker, but by two individuals and no detail was missed – inside or out. 400,000 bricks came together for the van, which includes a detailed interior with a mini-kitchen that even has pots and pans all made from Lego.


Bugatti Chiron




The Bugatti Chiron uses actual Lego motors to move. It took no less than 13,438 hours to build, utilizing over 1 million bricks and all kinds of engineering know-how to get literally thousands of moving parts working in harmony.


Chevrolet Silverado


chevy silverado full size lego model


When it comes to sheer size, Chevrolet’s Lego Silverado that debuted at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show is the undisputed champion. Faithfully recreated in Trail Boss trim, this Lego model is 20 feet long, 6 feet high, and consists of 334,544 bricks.


Ferrari Formula 1 Car


lego lead


Ferrari designed and built an epic replica of its SF-70H racer and didn’t hold back one tiny bit on details. 349,911 pieces were used in the build, taking almost 1,600 hours to complete.


McLaren 720S



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