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Thursday, 27 June 2019 15:27

On the Lighter Side: 25 Ugly Cars That Should Have Never Left the Assembly Line

Written by Saundra Latham,
The Vanguard CitiCar was an electric car meant to appeal to consumers during the oil crisis in the mid '70s. The Vanguard CitiCar was an electric car meant to appeal to consumers during the oil crisis in the mid '70s. Courtesy of



Toyota Prius (2015-Present)


As ubiquitous as the fuel-sipping Toyota Prius is today, it has taken a beating from automotive design buffs. The low point for this hybrid? A 2015 redesign that's still on dealers' lots today that left the already-quirky vehicle looking a little like an alien. Of course, that's if you're kind — according to TopSpeed, the car is "a double-chinned angry guppy that wants to eat your face." (Hey, for 50-plus mpg, that's a sacrifice we may be willing to make).


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Plymouth Fury (1961)


Just back away slowly from this classic cruiser and no one will get hurt. The 1961 Plymouth Fury lived up to its angry name with a truly menacing-looking front-end "face." It "wasn't the only furrowed brow scowling out of showrooms across the United States in 1961. But it was the one that possibly caused the most nightmares," writes Curbside Classic.


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Hyundai Tiburon (2000-2001)


Back when Hyundai was still trying to hold its own in the U.S. market, it decided to take a risk with the sporty coupe's redesign. For many observers, it was a swing and a miss, landing it on Jalopnik's list of "The Ten Worst Automotive Facelifts of All Time." The new Tiburon was an "insect-eyed monstrosity ... It looks like it came out of the black lagoon," the site laments. Still, Hyundai got the last laugh, with sales that jumped markedly in 2000.


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Chevrolet Caprice (1991-1992)


"It looked like an upside-down bathtub," admitted one GM worker of the 1991 Chevrolet Caprice, a car that had nearly a three-decade legacy of strong sales. But this redesigned full-size sedan was a bust. Fortune called it "a beached whale," while the slightly kinder Washington Post called it "bulbous." However you describe it, sales were disappointing, and it lasted only a couple of years before getting a facelift.


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Nissan S-Cargo (1989-1991)


For anyone keeping score, this marks Nissan's third entry on the "ugly" list — a dubious distinction, to be sure. The S-Cargo, a small cargo van, was sold only in Japan from 1989 to 1991. "What makes it so ugly? Well, all of it," Autotrader sneers.