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Thursday, 27 June 2019 15:27

On the Lighter Side: 25 Ugly Cars That Should Have Never Left the Assembly Line

Written by Saundra Latham,
The Vanguard CitiCar was an electric car meant to appeal to consumers during the oil crisis in the mid '70s. The Vanguard CitiCar was an electric car meant to appeal to consumers during the oil crisis in the mid '70s. Courtesy of


Design might be subjective, but when it's time to drop thousands of dollars on a car, we want it to look good — or, at the very least, not eye-searingly bad.

But despite their best intentions, car companies often miss the mark. In many cases, that also means sales go down the tubes, though some bizarre vehicles soldier on for years, developing a decent following. Love 'em or hate 'em, here are 25 "distinctive" cars we won't be lining up to buy anytime soon.


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Pontiac Aztek (2001-2005)


Car and Driver doesn't hold back about the much-maligned Aztek, calling it a "minivan-in-drag monstrosity ... It's so powerfully ugly that a blobfish wouldn't be seen next to it." Although the odd fusion of an SUV and sporty sedan recently had a moment in the sun thanks to a starring role in AMC's "Breaking Bad," it's still among the first vehicles on every car expert's lips when "ugly" is the main criterion.


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Chrysler Pt Cruiser (2001-2010)


The PT Cruiser remains one of the most polarizing cars in recent memory. For every buyer who liked the aggressively retro styling, there were five onlookers tittering about how hideous it was. Count us among the latter camp. "The PT was a shrunken minivan, a bloated Neon, a car for families who needed something basic and leaned a little too hard on nostalgia," Jalopnik sneers. Couldn't have said it better ourselves.


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Nissan Cube (2009-2014)


Nissan always wanted its angular Cube crossover to stand out, but it ended up turning heads for all the wrong reasons. The Los Angeles Times called it an "air-hating box of ugly ... a travesty, a mockery, a baleful parody of auto aerodynamics." Nissan even admitted that the design was inspired by a "bulldog in sunglasses" — but, as the Times wonders: "Which end is wearing the sunglasses?"


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