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Monday, 03 June 2019 18:54

On the Lighter Side: 15 Amateur Mechanics Who Turned Their Cars Into Works of Art

Written by Saoirse Kerrigan, Interesting Engineering
Left: The Heavy Meta Dragon art car, based in Canada. Right: A Chevy car known as 'Swamp Mutha,' created by collage artist, Ann Harithas. Left: The Heavy Meta Dragon art car, based in Canada. Right: A Chevy car known as 'Swamp Mutha,' created by collage artist, Ann Harithas. Courtesy of Interesting Engineering


9. Thor: The Norse God of Cars

Built in Denver, CO, the Thor art car started as a Burning Man mutant vehicle project. Since its debut at the festival, it has traveled the world.


The double-decker vehicle is a mobile party space, with lightweight metal framing providing the basis for its iconic helmet.


thor car web


10. Heavy Meta Dragon: Canada's Biggest Art Car


Measuring 30 feet long (9.1 meters) and 19 feet tall (5.9 meters), the Heavy Meta Dragon is the biggest art car in Canada.

Its enormous dragon facade sits atop a GM bus, and its articulated mouth can shoot flames.


11. Headspace: Cooperative and Accessible


Created by Mark Hegenbart, and constructed and maintained by a crew of volunteers, Headspace is a car art piece that seeks to represent mental health.


The two-level vehicle features a ramp for accessibility, as well as a fiber optic grid and programmable light show.


12. The Scrubby Bubble: The Cleanest Art Car


Inspired by Scrubby Bubbles cleaning products, the Scrubby Bubble bills itself as the "cleanest art car". Created by Eddy Bullock, Scrubby is built from a 1950s mini fire truck.


It features a thin, motorized metal scaffold that allows Scrubby to spread out over the heads of admirers, not unlike an umbrella. Scrubby also includes a PA system for good, clean fun.


13. DiscoFish: The Party Car Pushing Boundaries


The first iteration of the DiscoFish was a van covered in CDs, creating a scaly effect. The DiscoFish team continued to grow and up their skills, resulting in the massive Angler Fish vehicle that tours the world today.


DiscoFish's base is an E350 bus—an everyday vehicle totally unrecognizable from the mobile light show that the DiscoFish has become. In 2015 the car exhibited its first run of autonomous technology, making it a fully-fledged self-driving party vehicle.


14. The Clockship Tere: A Steampunk Fantasy Come to Life


Constructed almost entirely from scrap by budding amateurs led by Andy Tibbetts, the Clockship Tere had its debut at Burning Man—the mecca of art cars.


It features a fire-shooting steel mast measuring almost 33 feet (10 meters) and a 10 foot (3 meters) front wheel. The Steampunk-styled ship is powered by a three-cylinder engine and has a fully-functioning steering wheel in the captain's deck.