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Monday, 25 March 2019 22:28

On the Lighter Side: 10 of the Coolest 3D Printed Cars in 2019

Written by Leo Gregurić, All3DP


Mostly used as a rapid prototyping tool, 3D printing has been present in the automotive industry for quite some time.


Now, whole cars are being 3D printed. Here are 10 of the coolest cars that are 3D printed or contain 3D printed parts.


The Future of the Industry


Believe it or not, 3D printed cars are a reality.


Although you won’t be able to find 3D printed cars at your local car dealership just yet, there are some very interesting concepts out there that do a great job of presenting the possibilities of 3D printing in the automotive industry. They even represent the first steps towards mass-produced 3D printed cars.


Here are 10 of the coolest cars that are 3D printed or contain 3D printed parts. Just keep in mind that most of them aren’t available for purchase.


#1. The LSEV


white lsev

Source: Polymaker


An electric car for $7,500.


Set to hit both the Asian and European markets in 2019, the LSEV truly is a game changer. At the low low price of $7,500, it really appears to be an affordable electric 3D printed car.


The LSEV is a collaboration between XEV, a design firm based in Hong Kong with a design studio in Italy, and Polymaker, the well-known Chinese 3D printing company. Excluding parts like tires, windows, seats, and chassis, both the interior and exterior of the vehicle are 3D printed.


The LSEV is also a very lightweight car, weighing only 450 kg. Its range is set to be 90 miles, with a top speed of 43 mph.


It takes three days to 3D print all the components for the LSEV, which is incredibly fast! The little car is meant to be a city cruiser at an affordable price and it represents the world’s first mass-produced 3D printed car.


Manufacturer: XEV & Polymaker

Technology: FDM

Status: Functional concept



#2. The PUV


puv illustration

Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory


The 3D printed EV that powers buildings.


The PUV is a robust, 3D printed vehicle created by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory for a project called AMIE. AMIE stands for Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy, and the project’s goal is to innovate how we generate, use, and store energy.

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