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Monday, 04 February 2019 23:36

On the Lighter Side: Ralph Lauren Owns the Most Expensive Car in the World

Written by Alexandra Dantzer, The Vintage News
On the Lighter Side: Ralph Lauren Owns the Most Expensive Car in the World MEHDI FEDOUACH/AFP/Getty Images



Magnesium is a highly flammable metal, which made it incredibly difficult for Jean to find a way to keep the parts together. However, he came up with an idea to connect the panels with external rivets and ridges along the roof.


Nobody took his new concept seriously, and even Ettore was embarrassed and disappointed by this fact. However, with time passing the elektron panels became a signature ingredient of Bugatti cars and the Atlantic was built in the same manner.


Lauren’s model was built in 1937 and was bought by a British Bugatti enthusiast in 1938. The fashion designer bought it in 1988 and hired a whole Paul Russell and Co. team to restore the model.


They have managed to completely restore the original glory of the Atlantic so that it is almost in the same condition as when produced.


The car still has some of the original features, including seats filled with horse hair and covered in goatskin leather, and the original EXK6 UK registration.


The Atlantic can reach the astonishing 125 mph (200 kmph). It was awarded with the Best of Show at Pebble Beach in 1990, and at Villa d’Este in 2013.


Lauren loves and takes pride in his Atlantic so much so that he took it as an inspiration for his new line of watches. He has created the whole collection based on the interior of his car. The watches feature black alligator straps and dials made of Elm burl wood.


We thank The Vintage News for reprint permission.

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