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Monday, 10 December 2018 23:42

On the Lighter Side: 13 Car Features That No Longer Exist

Written by Kashyap Vyas, Interesting Engineering



6. Horn Rings


horn rings web

Source: sv1ambo/Flickr 

With advancements in technology, car manufacturing underwent several changes as well for the better. One vital change was the removal of horn rings, a feature that was considered as a safety measure.


In older cars, drivers were required to remove one hand from the steering wheel completely to honk the horn button at the center.


To avoid that, a ring was designed that allowed both hands to remain on the steering wheel, and stretching a thumb or a finger would do the job of honking.


With the addition of driver side airbags, the horn ring started fading away and the button was integrated into the steering wheel spokes.


7. Vent Window for Ventilation


vent window web

 Source: CZmarlin/Wikimedia Commons


Vent window is a small glass window beside the main door window of a car. Most of the old cars had this type of small window for ventilation.


Like the main window, these vent windows could also be operated separately, allowing air to circulate inside the cabin and cool the occupants without creating a mess.


But with the introduction of air conditioning, this magnificent triangular piece of glass got extinct.


8. Bench Seats


bench seats web

Source: CZmarlin/Wikimedia Commons


Unlike the separate and comfortable cushion seats and safety belts in modern day cars, olden day cars had bench seats.


These bench seats were not fitted with any seat belts and could fit three people easily in the front row and could squeeze even the fourth skinny one.


Bench seats were popular in the early history of cars because they were most suitable to accommodate additional car passengers.


However, things changed with the introduction of bucket seats that provided more storage options and a sportier look to the car interior.


Customer preferences soon began to shift towards bucket seats and manufacturers had to drop bench seats in their favor.


Bench seats were also replaced due to safety concerns such as airbags, which can provide better protection to two passengers rather than three.

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