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Monday, 19 November 2018 22:55

On the Lighter Side: 22 Of The Smallest Vehicles in the World

Written by Christopher McFadden, Interesting Engineering



13. The Heinkel Kabine was another post-war german micro-car


Year of first production: 1956


Length (meters): 2.55


Bonhams 2013 Heinkel kabine micro car web

 Source: Thesupermat/Wikimedia Commons


The Kabine was another micro-car built by a former German military aircraft company - Heinkel Flugzeugwerke. They are most famed for their iconic Luftwaffe bomber planes notably the Heinkel HE 111.


The Heinkel Kabine was built between 1956 and 1958 with it built under license in Ireland in 1958. This was later withdrawn due to poor production quality with production restarting in 1960 under the Trojan 200 brand name.


14. The Tango was the prettiest of little cars

Year of first production: 2005


Length (meters): 2.59


TangoFront web

Source: Wikimedia

Designed and built by Commuter Cars, the Tango is one of the smallest cars in the world. It was designed to tackle congestion in cities the world over.


When you look at an image of it you would be forgiven for thinking the file has been skewed a little. This is not the case, it actually looks like that!


15. REVAi (G-Wiz) was pretty ugly

Year of first production: 2001


Length (meters): 2.6


Reva i silver web

 Source: RevaNorge/Wikimedia Commons


Produced by the India-based Reva Electric Car Company, the REVAi, known as G-Wiz in the UK, sold more than 4,500 units worldwide. For many countries it was sold to it didn't quite meet the minimum requirements as a highway-capable vehicle and, instead, was considered a neighborhood electric vehicle or heavy quadricycle in Europe.


It is a small three-door hatchback with enough room for two adults comfortably and, in theory, two children in the rear.


16. Smart Fortwo actually looks the business

Year of first production: 1998


Length (meters): 2.69


Worlds smallest cars Fortwo web

Source: Smart



Smart's Fortwo is a good looking little runaround. This little two-seater 'car' offers automatic and manual mode with hill start assist.


It also comes packed with many standard safety features as well as no less than eight full-size airbags.

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