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Monday, 12 November 2018 22:51

On the Lighter Side: ‘Crime Cars’ Featured at Alcatraz East Museum

Written by Larry Edsall, The Journal
Prison-turned-crime museum features six cars with police or criminal history Prison-turned-crime museum features six cars with police or criminal history Alcatraz East Crime Museum photos



• A Sevier County Sheriff’s car — a Dodge Charger — purchased in 2007 and used by three members of the sheriff’s office during its nine-year career. The car was retired from service in 2016.


• A government surveillance van used by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and a Georgia police department.


A display inside the museum gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the cramped quarters law enforcement spends time in during a stakeout, with barely enough room to stand and little privacy to use the toilet. The van was in active criminal investigations, including drug crimes and burglary surveillance.”


“Our Getaway Cars Gallery is a highly popular area of the museum, and for good reason, as most people own cars so they connect with their stories as objects,” Penman said. “Our crime cars each represent a cautionary tale, symbolizing a warning about the consequences of crime, while our law-enforcement vehicles are positive reminders of all law enforcement does every day, both in public and behind-the-scenes, to keep us safe.”


Current temporary exhibits at the museum include “The Second Amendment” and “It Happened Here: Tennessee Crimes & Justice.”


“Old Smokey,” Tennessee’s electric chair, also is on permanent display at the museum, which claims to be “the most arresting crime museum in the United States.”


For more information, visit the museum website.


We thank The Journal for reprint permission.

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