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Tuesday, 06 November 2018 19:52

Autonomous Vehicles for Postal Deliveries Take Over Europe's Streets

Written by Susan Fourtané, Interesting Engineering
Autonomous Vehicles for Postal Deliveries Take Over Europe's Streets Deutsche Post


Postal services are going through an evolutionary transformation toward incorporating more automation into their delivery service.


In the '60s, The Beatles gave the postman a central role by singing "Please, Mr. Postman." Fifty years later, the human Mr. Postman is being replaced by a robot that is part of an automated sorting and delivery system for letters and parcels. The human postman, in this era of automated delivery, takes other supervising roles instead.


Norwegian Postal Service Uses a Robot to Deliver Letters

In Norway, Posten-Norge, the Scandinavian country’s postal service, has hired a robot to deliver letters and parcels. For this, Posten-Norge teamed up with Buddy Mobility, the company supplying the robot.


Buddy Mobility is a Norwegian startup company made up by an international group of designers, engineers, researchers and developers who are based in Oslo and the San Francisco Bay Area.


The new Posten-Norge’s delivery robot looks like a box with wheels.


“Our robot provides Posten with operational cost savings to offset revenue losses from dramatically decreasing mail volumes,” a Buddy Mobility spokesman said. “At the same time, the robot offers new revenue streams around package and parcel delivery.”


Last Mile Logistics Through Buddy Mobility

Buddy Mobility is an emerging concept, an autonomous vehicle service that brings a new level of efficiency to urban mobility. Buddy Mobility partners with delivery and passenger service providers aiming to extend the services that make the movement more flexible, reliable, and sustainable according to the new smart cities vision.


German Postal Service Deutsche Post Uses PostBot for Its Postal Delivery

The Norwegian postal service is not the only one adding bots to the postal service of the 21st century. In Germany, postal service Deutsche Post, which is part of DHL, has a similar electric delivery robot called PostBot.


PostBot has been designed to accompany mail deliverers on their routes facilitating their job. PostBot carries the post in the German town of Bad Hersfeld.


PostBot carries up to six post trays. This relieves carriers of their heavy loads. PostBot frees up the deliverers' hands making it easier for them to distribute letters and parcels.

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