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Monday, 10 September 2018 21:58

One of the Last Cars Burt Reynolds Signed Is in KY Body Shop

Written by Connor James, WYMT

In Letcher County, KY, right off of KY-15, one of the last cars actor Burt Reynolds ever signed sits in Rob's Garage, a small local auto body shop.


It's in that building where you can almost always find Jaden Pugh, a young car enthusiast, keeping a watchful eye over his prized possession.


"I have a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am signed by Burt Reynolds," said Jaden, leaning up against the vehicle.


The car is a spitting image of the classic Firebird in the 1977 film “Smokey and the Bandit.” Jaden has everything from the CB radio to the iconic wedding dress.


"If you've watched the movie, this is like the Sally Field wedding dress when Bandit first meets Frog," he said, pointing to the dress hanging out the back. "We kind of watched ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ a lot as I was growing up so ... I probably know every word to the movie."


The vehicle's glove box is signed by Reynolds, along with a license plate and hat Jaden also had signed.


"For him to be that young and be this already involved in cars is extraordinary," said Robert Pugh, Jaden's father. "To be in Letcher County, knowing that it's one of the last cars he signed---it's pretty extraordinary, and Letcher County folks ought to be very proud to have this piece of memorabilia here."


The piece is extra special to Jaden and his father because this is one of the last cars Reynolds ever signed.


"I bought it about three years ago in Pigeon Forge, and it's been gone for about two years. We just got it back three or four weeks ago actually," said Jaden. "We took the glove box down."


The event Reynolds was signing items at was Bubba Fest in Pigeon Forge, one of the last events Reynolds attended before his death weeks later.


Jaden said he did not see any other cars get signed while he was at the event.


"It was the last three weeks of his life so to speak, his last public event," said Jaden.


Jaden and his father said they have received offers for the car, but to them the item is priceless.


We thank WYMT for reprint permission.

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