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Tuesday, 05 June 2018 21:50

VIDEO: These Flame-Throwing Jet Turbine-Powered Dragsters Are Incredible to Watch

Written by Staff, Interesting Engineering


Drag races are some of the fastest around. However, when one puts two jet turbine-powered dragsters head to head, the race seems to go by in a blink. 

These two cars faced off in a May 20th race at the Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, CO. 

After a few puffs to get them to the starting line at equal starting positions, the two drag machines took off down the stretch. Given that these types of drag cars are literally powered by jet turbines, they can easily hit speeds up to 290 miles per hour in just a quarter of a mile in distance. For reference, a majority of high-performance drag cars often win with speeds of 165 mph in that same distance.

These kinds of jet dragsters are also the ones responsible for making land speed record attempts. Most famously of its kind are the Green Monster and Vampire. 

We thank Interesting Engineering for reprint permission. 


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via Daniel McBride