Wednesday, 10 September 2014 08:34

Celette Announced the Availability of Fixtures to Repair the New Mercedes B Class Electric Drive

Mercedes-Benz launched its first electric vehicle in 1906. Over a century later, the company has returned with a vehicle that is 100 percent electrically powered. The new vehicles are built on the same assembly lines as models equipped with gas and diesel engines, and retain the same structural characteristics. The electric engine, developed by Tesla, is integrated in the engine block. The batteries are housed underneath the passenger cabin.

For the underframe check, Celette says to use the existing MZ+ fixtures 7246.510 B Class W246 and the complementary set  7156.509 GLA X156. For side repair, use the existing overhead gantry 7246.810  B Class W246.

For more information, please visit celette.com.