Tuesday, 09 September 2014 15:11

Toyota: Automated Cars Won’t Be Driverless Cars

As the auto industry looks to bring some automated driving to the roads in the next few years, don’t get the idea that you can just check out, and leave the driving to your car.

“Toyota’s main objective is safety, so they will not be developing a driverless car,” said Sago Kuzumaki, Toyota’s Chief Technology Officer. “A vehicle that does not contain any people door-to-door is very much in the future.”

In advance of the World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems at Cobo Center, Toyota invited journalists to a two day-session at a hotel in Ypsilanti, MI, where they could view and experience some of the company’s latest safety technology, and hear from experts in the field.

While Google envisions cars taking over the driving, making everybody in the car a passenger, Toyota doesn’t see the driver being taken out of the equation for the foreseeable future.

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