Monday, 25 July 2011 16:19

Chrysler May Aim to Create Repair Requirements

John Yoswick has reported that Doug Craig, collision repair manager for Chrysler, said last week at the Collision Industry Conference (CIC) that Chrysler, Ford and some other automakers are working to "commonize where we can" some of their "approaches to different repairs."

He said Chrysler also will be moving away from "recommendations" to instead offer much more specific "requirements on what process, procedure and/or components...should be used in a repair."

For example, Craig said Chrysler will often say a certain Mopar part number for an adhesive -- "or equivalent" -- should be used. "What is equivalent? That could take a chemical engineer to tell you," Craig said. "I'm sometimes amazed when I take things to our materials engineering folks and ask, 'Is this the same thing?' It turns out some of the snake oil isn't even close to being the same, even if the label or the product rep says it is. We're not trying to drive any costs in the repair. We're not trying to over-simplify repairs. We just want to take some of the judgment calls out of it, so the customer ends up getting an equivalent vehicle back."

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