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Tuesday, 04 December 2018 18:19

Subaru of America Prepares to Launch Its Certified Collision Center Network Program

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Enrollment in the Subaru Certified Collision Center Network Program opens January 1, 2019. Enrollment in the Subaru Certified Collision Center Network Program opens January 1, 2019.



Q: What is Subaru’s position on scanning?


A: We recently changed our scanning position statement to say that pre- and post-scanning are required. Previously, it said they were recommended. We believe that this is integral since there are so many things that can happen in an accident. We know that collision centers often have a hard time pushing this through with insurance providers, and if changing scanning to ‘required’ is something that helps collision centers do the right thing, then by all means, we are happy to help out.


The other aspect we are requiring with scanning is that shops can either use the Subaru-specific SSM4 diagnostic tool and update the software on their own, or use the asTech system, which is a great tool for people who are working on all different makes and models. Either of those is accepted. No other equipment is approved. The only reason we are requiring those tools is that we can measure them and make sure they are up-to-date to ensure a safe and proper repair.


Q: Are there any other tooling requirements?


A: Rather than requiring specific brands and models, the required tools are based on specifications. If shops have a welder that meets the specs for a safe and proper repair based on STIS, we are happy to have them use that.


Q: As an independent shop, when can I register for the program and what should I expect?


A: Currently, the program is open to all Subaru retailers and independent collision centers. We are opening this program to anyone who is a hand-raiser right now. We gave retailers about six months to jump on board and secure their place in their area, and those that were interested have done that.


There is no referral or sponsorship needed from a retailer to enroll. Positions will be assigned in order of inquiry and based on market demand. We’re using many metrics in each area, such as units in operation (UIO), insurance claims data and Subaru sales to determine market demand and how many collision centers we can have in a given geographical area.

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