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Subaru of America Prepares to Launch Its Certified Collision Center Network Program

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Enrollment in the Subaru Certified Collision Center Network Program opens January 1, 2019. Enrollment in the Subaru Certified Collision Center Network Program opens January 1, 2019.


Subaru of America is currently preparing to launch the Subaru Certified Collision Center Network to independent shops across the country. Nicole Riedel, wholesale parts specialist for Subaru of America, recently shared information about the program requirements and what collision repair facilities should expect.


Riedel reviewed the program and all its onboarding elements during a recent webinar hosted by Dave Luehr’s Elite Body Shop Academy.


This included information about tools and equipment, facility standards and the training and technician requirements.


“We’re excited to begin offering our certified collision network to independents across the country,” said Riedel. “For the last few months, we have been conducting a pilot program and initial launch with our retailers, and now we are preparing to launch the program to the public. On Nov. 28, we announced to our waitlist that enrollment will open on Jan. 1, 2019.”


Q: What are the main goals of the Subaru Certified Collision Network?

A: The goals of the Subaru Certified Collision Network are a little different than what some people think. Rather than it being about selling parts or going after aftermarket companies about the parts they sell, we’re not trying to go against anything negative. Instead, the program centers around proper and safe repairs.


We at Subaru really care about our owners; we consider the Subaru family one big happy family. We love dogs, we love kids, we love the outdoors and we just want to spread the love to the collision industry.


One of the ways Subaru has set out to serve vehicle owners better is to make sure that at the time of an accident they are getting treated the same way they would throughout any Subaru experience: with love, respect and integrity. We also want to ensure that the collision centers interested in doing the right thing for their owners are being elevated to a point where everyone can know that about them.


Not all collision centers are created equally, and we want to raise the flag and provide awareness of the facilities out there that are doing a really good job.

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