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Monday, 27 August 2018 19:54

Top Automakers Are Committed to Advanced Technology

Written by Elana Ashanti Jefferson, Property Casualty 360



Twenty automakers have pledged to voluntarily equip virtually all new passenger vehicles with a low-speed AEB system by 2022. Together, these companies represent the vast majority of the U.S. auto market. These automakers are:


• Porsche
• Jaguar/Land Rover
• Ford
• Mitsubishi
• Kia
• Fiat Chrysler
• Hyundai
• Nissan
• General Motors
• Mazda
• Maserati/Alfa Romero
• Honda
• Volkswagen
• Subaru
• Toyota
• Volvo
• Audi
• Mercedes-Benz
• Tesla


“IIHS is pleased to see that automakers are steadily moving toward the shared goal of putting standard AEB into every new car they sell,” David Zuby, executive vice president and chief research officer of IIHS, said in a December 2017 press release. “This is a big win for safety on our nation’s roads, which will see fewer crashes and injuries because of this commitment.”


The chart below prepared by the NHTSA and the IIHS indicates which automakers are currently ahead of the game when it comes to installing AEB in every vehicle and those that still have some catching up to do.


NTHSA IIHS Percent of MY2017 Fleet Conforming to AEB Voluntary commtmt clear


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