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Tuesday, 21 August 2018 22:29

Honda Collision Parts Program Sets New Standard

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With American Honda’s new “Collision Parts Promote” program, pricing will be consistent and require less work for all involved. Plus, “Promotional” parts, in most cases, are seen as an alt-OEM part. This helps shops trying to meet a parts-type objective as a DRP. And this business model eliminates the negotiation process, thereby saving both the shop and the dealer time and work.


Once the shop has selected the parts they want from their vendor of choice, the order can be placed using a “shopping basket” similar to or other online services. For Honda and Acura dealers, a connection exists between CCC One and the dealer’s Dealer Management System (DMS), so the order is placed with the dealer electronically. There is no re-keying. The dealer only needs to bill the parts, pull them and ship them---a real time-saver for all. On the back-side, each dealer knows what they will pay American Honda for the parts and what their rebate amount will be from Honda for all parts sold in this manner.


American Honda’s new “Collision Parts Promote” program was officially launched at the last SEMA show in November 2017. In a July 2018 phone interview, Kirk Adams, assistant national manager for American Honda’s Collision Group, noted, “We ran a pilot program for almost a year before we launched nationally last November, so we proved the concept and knew it would work well. In the intervening nine months, we have enrolled 900 Honda and Acura dealers for this program. That’s about 70 percent of our dealers. About 800 have ‘gone live’ and are currently active with the program. On the shop side, CCC One is in about 24,000 shops, and most of those shops are connected to at least one Honda or Acura dealer. About 12,000 shops are currently transacting using this program. If a shop does not have CCC One, we have a manual process to help that particular shop participate.”


When asked how this will work with Honda’s ProFirst program, Adams noted, “We currently have 1,350 ProFirst shops around the country. Only 41 of them do not use CCC One. That’s a 96 percent penetration rate. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

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