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Tuesday, 21 August 2018 22:29

Honda Collision Parts Program Sets New Standard

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Now, 10 years later, technology has brought parts procurement to the next level. American Honda is again on the cutting edge as the first OE to use CCC One to promote parts ordering at the time the estimate is written, rather than after the fact, and offers an MSRP or promotional price that is consistent across all participating Honda or Acura dealers. They have also made the program’s execution easier, quicker and seamless. It is already changing the culture of many shops that use it.


Here’s how it works: Shops using CCC One with the proper software engaged will be provided a list of parts suppliers for each part needed on an estimate. Depending on which parts suppliers have enrolled in the program and are using the software, the shop may see, for example, an aftermarket bumper cover, salvage bumper cover or an OE bumper cover from multiple OE dealers. In each case, the parts will have a price and availability listed.


In the case of the OE part from Honda/Acura, each part number will show the MSRP price and a “Promotional Price” that will be the same no matter what Honda or Acura dealer is listed. Assuming the shop wants the OE part, it is then up to the shop to decide from which dealer to buy the part, depending on availability, the shop’s relationship with the dealer and the final price the shop will pay the dealer for that particular part. The program does not pit one Honda or Acura dealer against the other.


The “Promotional Price” is what was referred to in past American Honda programs as the “conquest price,” or the price the shop would charge the insurance company to compete with aftermarket or salvage parts. For example, assume a bumper cover is $400 MSRP and carries a “Promotional Price” of $325. Under Honda’s former conquest program, the dealer would negotiate the price with the shop, which could have been between $400 and $325. This led to inconsistencies, even within a single dealership, depending on the parts sales person dealing with the shop.

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