Tuesday, 10 July 2018 16:16

Center for Auto Safety Renews Call for Ford Recall



According to a press release from The Center for Auto Safety, on July 2, the second anniversary of NHTSA’s opening an investigation into occupant exposure to exhaust and carbon monoxide in 1.3 million Ford Explorers, NHTSA failed to complete its investigation and Ford failed to fix the problem. 

Based on the extraordinary danger posed by prolonged exposure to exhaust fumes and the repeated complaints from consumers who, despite receiving the repair, are still being exposed, the Center for Auto Safety sent a letter to Ford Motor Company CEO Jim Hackett asking for a recall before tragedy strikes.

In the nine months since Ford’s Customer Satisfaction Program (CSP-17N03) was released stating that the vehicles were “safe,” Ford has continued to refuse to acknowledge that there is any danger relating to exhaust fumes being regularly inhaled in the interior of these vehicles, stating that carbon monoxide levels do not “exceed what people are exposed to every day.” Yet for “peace of mind,” Ford offered a no-cost service reducing the potential for exposure for MY 2011--2017 Explorers. However, it appears many Ford owners are far from “satisfied.” Ford owners continue to file complaints with NHTSA about exposure to exhaust and carbon monoxide in their Explorers. Scores of consumers, even after receiving their “peace of mind” fix, continue to report experiencing the same symptoms as before their visit to the Ford dealership.

“With all due respect to the efforts undertaken by Ford, and NHTSA, over these last two years, the continued complaints and corresponding reports of incidents and injuries demonstrate that the problem of carbon monoxide exposure inside Ford Explorers has not been resolved,” said Jason Levine, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety.  “Based on the number of new complaints NHTSA has received, the problem seems to continue in MY 2018 Explorers, suggesting that the issue apparently has not been designed out of the vehicle. We urge NHTSA and Ford, on behalf of Ford’s customers, and everyone with whom they share the road, to act before tragedy strikes.”

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