Friday, 18 May 2018 16:29

OEMs Share Their Views at Automotive Glazing Event

Written by Tara Taffera, glassBYTEs.com


“It’s a cost issue,” said Allen, “as only a few companies offer those. It’s up to the manufacturer to go with tempered or laminated.”

The panel ended with discussion on calibration, perhaps appropriate as this topic attracted a lot of discussion during the conference. Allen pointed out that we can tell a car owner they have to get their car calibrated, but we can’t make them do it.

“The Takata airbags can kill you,” he said. “We put that out there and we still can’t get the vehicles back from the owners and it’s free. That’s a real frustration.”

One attendee asked if the franchise models are prepared to handle all the calibrations coming their way. Allen replied that the bigger question is whose responsibility it is.

“It’s a little bit of the Wild West right now,” he said.

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