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Tuesday, 18 October 2016 14:35

Mopar Introduces Campaign on ‘Right to Request’ O.E. Parts

The Mopar brand is rolling out a new multi-faceted awareness campaign designed to both inform consumers of their “Right to Request” Original Equipment (O.E.) collision parts and highlight the benefits of choosing Mopar products over the aftermarket for collision repairs.

The initiative will include a new informational ad that details the rights of owners to ask for O.E. parts for collision repairs.


The “Right to Request” ad will be featured on the brand’s YouTube page, as well as on its official website. A Mopar collision repair guidebook showcasing OEM Mopar collision products will also be distributed for display at collision shops and FCA US LLC dealers. According to the company, additional videos and images will reinforce the Mopar brand’s commitment to helping repair vehicles the right way with O.E. parts.


“Consumers have the freedom to choose, and that includes the freedom to insist on O.E. Mopar collision parts to protect their investment in their vehicles,” said Ross McGinnis, vice president of Parts Sales and Field Operations for Mopar. “Owners have the right to ask for O.E. parts created by the same engineers who designed and built their vehicles in order to protect their vehicles and the people riding in them.”


"In some cases, repair shops can be pressed to install generic, lower-quality aftermarket parts instead of O.E. factory products," a statement from the company read. "The case for insisting on O.E. parts is even more critical considering the complex technology and safety systems integrated into the manufacture of today’s modern vehicles. In areas such as corrosion resistance, material strength, appearance and even packaging, O.E. Mopar collision parts provide factory performance and reliability that unknown aftermarket parts often lack."


For more information, visit www.mopar.com.