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Wednesday, 21 September 2016 09:58

Subaru Requires OEM Glass for Windshield Replacement

Subaru is now requiring that OEM glass be used for windshield replacements on models that are equipped with the EyeSight Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).


The EyeSight system includes adaptive cruise control and automatic pre-collision braking as well as lane departure and sway warning. It also features lane keep assist function, blind spot detection and rear cross traffic alert.


“Always use Subaru genuine windshield glass specifically designed for EyeSight,” reads a notice placed on windshields of new models equipped with EyeSight. “If windshield glass other than glass specifically designed for EyeSight is used, the visibility of the camera can be blocked or the distortion of the glass can prevent the correct measurement of an object, resulting in abnormal EyeSight operation.”


An “inspection” as well as “adjustment and check” of the stereo camera must be performed on the ADAS when a new windshield is installed, according to I-CAR’s website.


If the glass is damaged in the camera area, a glass repair cannot be performed, according to I-CAR.