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Friday, 05 August 2016 14:34

Toyota On Scanning for Electrical System Faults

Toyota has released the following statement regarding scanning for electrical system faults:

Toyota, Lexus and Scion onboard vehicle electrical systems are designed to control and communicate with engine, drivetrain, body electrical, navigation, audio, handling and safety systems. In the event of a collision, electronic control modules, actuators, sensors, or wiring can be damaged. Damage related to these systems may cause them to not perform properly during future operating conditions including subsequent collisions.

These electrical systems are designed to set fault codes known as DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) if a fault is detected. Not all DTCs illuminate a MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light). Toyota’s “Techstream” and “Techstream Lite”* scan tool and software can retrieve and report all DTCs for all Toyota, Lexus, and Scion vehicles.**

Considering the fact that a capable scan tool is the only way to identify some DTCs, Toyota requires that repairers perform a “Health Check” diagnostic scan if a vehicle has sustained damage as a result of a collision that may affect electrical systems. Additionally, Toyota strongly recommends that repairers perform a “Health Check” diagnostic scan before and after every repair to identify and document DTCs. If DTCs are identified pre-repair, then they can be considered to create a complete vehicle damage analysis report. If DTCs are identified post-repair, then they can be diagnosed and addressed before returning a vehicle to the customer.

Toyota On Scanning for Electrical System Faults

*Call Toyota Approved Dealer Equipment at (800) 368.6787 for information, availability and pricing.
** Before using an aftermarket scan tool, check with the manufacturer to ensure that their equipment can retrieve History, Pending and Current DTCs as well as ‘Time Stamp’ their occurrence on all Toyota vehicles.