Tuesday, 07 December 2021 20:23

PSE&G Joins National Electric Highway Coalition

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PSE&G is joining with other leading utilities in the newly launched National Electric Highway Coalition, to support development of a national network of electric vehicle chargers.

PSE&G is working to align utilities in New Jersey in the planning and siting of fast-charging stations across utility service areas in addition to coordinating with utilities in neighboring states.


Through the recently approved Clean Energy Future–Electric Vehicle program, PSE&G will support the installation of 45,000 electric vehicle chargers throughout the utility's service territory, with 3,000 of those chargers providing fast-charging services along New Jersey's major highways.


"Membership in this coalition helps PSE&G build stronger relationships with our fellow utilities, which will lead to a seamless and reliable charging experience for electric vehicle owners," said PSE&G Renewables and Energy Solutions Vice President Karen Reif. "To alleviate what's been called 'range anxiety,' we want to ensure drivers have access to a charger wherever they are in New Jersey or across the region."


The Clean Energy Future–Electric Vehicle program is designed to support the deployment of electric vehicle chargers across a wide range of customers and sectors including residential, mixed-use and public DC fast charging. This program offsets the cost of make ready infrastructure needed to operate electric vehicle chargers.


Organized by Edison Electric Institute (EEI), the coalition is a national group that combines several regional coalitions.


The PSE&G electric vehicle program is a component of PSEG's Powering Progress vision for a future where customers use less energy, the energy they use is cleaner, and that energy is delivered more reliably than ever.


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Source: PSE&G 

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