Friday, 12 November 2021 19:48

Power Edison Partnership to Develop Largest Electric Vehicle Charging Site in U.S. in Metro NYC Area

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Power Edison is partnering with sustainability champion Hugo Neu Realty Management of New Jersey and other stakeholders to deploy the largest electric vehicle (EV) charging hub in the U.S.

This signature project---to be comprised of more than 200 high-power fast chargers---will be sited at Kearny Point Industrial Park, 10 minutes from the Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal and 10 minutes from New York City.


It is anticipated this EV charging hub, serving the high-traffic Tri-State region, will power thousands of light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles daily, in addition to charging electric marine vessels.


As world leaders meet at COP26, the message is clear we are significantly behind on climate change action. This innovative partnership is accelerating meaningful community-centric solutions that will improve livability for frontline communities while reducing harmful GHG emissions.


Power Edison is led by industry veterans with experience in power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and smart grid. Power Edison is expanding its team and hiring to further support its growth.


With the significant need for EV charging solutions, Power Edison launched a new subsidiary called EV Edison dedicated to the development of high-power fast charging hubs.


Source: Power Edison

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