Friday, 29 October 2021 08:22

Auto Parts Shortage Leading to Repair Delays, Higher Costs

Written by Doug Cortese, WBOC News

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Automobile repair shops are having trouble getting car parts. Depending on the part, the wait can be weeks or even months.

For drivers like Shawn Schoolfield, that means more out of pocket costs for things like rental cars. 


“They should be able to help people in a timely fashion, give a little bit more help a little faster, a little bit more accurate and a little less digging in your pockets,” Schoolfield said.


At Pohanka of Salisbury in Maryland, Parts Director Herb Williams said the number of car parts on back order has nearly tripled. 


“We're scrambling to get parts anywhere we can to keep people on the road so we ship stuff from California or wherever we got to go to get it, so it's tying up a lot of our time searching and trying to locate these parts,” Williams said. 


Most auto body shops in the area are facing similar problems. Dealerships like Safford Kia in Salisbury have had to rely on sister dealerships for parts. But Lora Laing, parts manager at Safford, said the delay is still impacting business. 


“Sometimes it's struggling because the people want the cars on the road as fast as they can. They need to go to work like everyone else so sometimes it's a little frustrating getting parts in but other than that it makes me feel good when it finally comes in it's like a victory,” Laing said. 


It's not just car parts that are hard to come by but motor oil is also getting more difficult to get. Dealerships say they don’t know when the delays will end.


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